The Lounge Morning Man Battles Cancer


Contributed By Bill Dean

Fill-in Guy

June 19, 2014

Patrick Nicholson is a longtime Broadcaster who’s career took him from being a high school part-timer at CJAV Port Alberni in the 60’s to various stations throughout British Columbia. He has been the Host of the Morning Show on The Lounge 99.9 Parksville since it went on the air.  Patrick loves radio like no other person I know. We have spent hours talking about the old days and the guys he was inspired by: Red, Big Daddy, Baby Blue…

Patrick behind the mic at CKOV Penticton

Over the past Year Patrick has not been feeling well.  The past few months, he believed he was suffering from a compression fracture in his back, however, he continued to come to work, even when he needed help getting into his car.

It was just over a month ago,  Patrick found out he had Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells. Patrick took leave from the job he loves to begin the fight. He is currently undergoing treatment in Victoria.  I have spoken to him several times, and had him on the air on The Lounge where I am filling in on his morning show. The man is giving it his best. In typical Patrick style he is upbeat, and positive about his battle, and is looking forward to returning to the air when he is able.


Patrick took part in the Relay for Life last Friday, completing the circuit along with a group of us from Island Radio.

Patrick addresses crowd in Nanaimo last Friday

Team “Pirate Radio” wore green bands in support of Patrick. and of course, Patrick being who he is could not resist the opportunity to speak to the crowd as he completed his lap, offering thanks for the support of his friends and radio family, and encouraging others in the battle.

We all wish Patrick the best and hope he can return to his “job” soon. If you wish to send  cards or messages, please send them to:

Patrick Nicholson

The Lounge 99.9

Box 1370

Parksvile BC

V9P 2H3

or email me, I will forward messages

[email protected]


  1. Just a quick note: we made an error or two: (It was hard to write for me) the “Vintage Patrick” picture is at CKOV 63 in the 70’s and I was most likely listening as a kid in my Mom’s car. The relay for Life was in Nanaimo, not Parksville. Otherwise, THANK YOU!!!! There have been dozens of emails this morning which I forwarded to Patrick. I know hearing from you will give him a boost and get him back in the Air Chair.

    Humbly yours, Bill

  2. Patrick helped me as a novice broadcaster back in the ’70’s at ‘OV. It was a great
    pleasure to hire Patrick to the island some 20 – 25 years ago.

    Patrick, hang in there, you are stronger than any illness. Take it from me, I know prayer works, and I and others will pray for you. And remember, “Who loves you most”…


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