VANCOUVER Radio PPM’s … Feb. 24 – May 25 2014

PPM Top-line Radio Statistics
Vancouver CTRL
Survey period: Radio Meter 2013/14 – February 24, 2014 – May 25, 2014
Demographic: A2+
Station                                     Share (%)        Cume (000) Daily Cume (000)  Trend
CBU+    (Radio One)                     11.2                  736.4               188.2                      -1.4
CHQMFM   (QM/FM)                   9.7                2,261.2               408.3                     -3.4
CKNW       (News/Talk 980)        8.7                  607.4                169.4                     +0.6
CFBTFM     (The Beat)                   7.9                1,986.6               346.8                     +0.3
CJJRFM     (Country)                     7.4                1,424.3               186.0                     +0.3
CKLGFM    (Jack FM)                    6.1                1,810.4                216.2                    +0.8
CKZZFM    (Virgin Radio)             6.1                1,971.2               304.9                     -0.5
CFMIFM     (Rock 101)                   6.0                1,679.0               206.2                      n/c
CKWX       (News 1130)                  5.7                   999.0               214.4                     +0.2
CBU FM     (Radio Two)                 4.4                   839.1               125.0                      -0.2
CFUNFM    (Sonic FM)                   3.6                1,759.5               225.5                     +0.2
CKPKFM    (The Peak)                    3.2                1,397.1               125.2                     n/c
CFOXFM    (The Fox)                       3.1                1,083.5               116.7                    +0.2
CKST        (Team 1040)                    2.6                   838.4               112.9                    -0.2
CISL          (Oldies)                              2.3                   595.1                 67.8                    +0.4
CHHRFM    (Shore FM)                  1.6                1,045.6                 87.5                    +0.1
KWPZFM*  (Praise FM)                 1.1                   446.8                 48.6                     -0.1
CHMJ        (All Traffic 730)            0.7                   748.6                 66.0                    -0.1
CFTE         (Team 1410)                    0.3                   329.8                 20.9                      n/c
* = spill station
February 24, 2014 – May 25, 2014
Average Daily Universe: 2,458,000
PPM Top-line Radio Statistics


  1. Very interesting, I wonder why changes haven’t been made at stations like The Shore and The Fox, as the trends have been the same there for quite some time.

  2. I wonder how many listeners stayed on 95.3 when Nat and Drew moved over to QM. I guess it’ll take another book for some clarity, especially with the new morning crew on the Z, both of whom are virtual unknowns in the market, both from back east. I don’t believe in Vancouver radio history any new out of town morning crew has ever been successful in the ratings.

  3. Drew is from London, ON. Nat is from Toronto.

    She co-hosted the show from Toronto during the Crave years and early Virgin years sitting in the Astral studios in Toronto while Drew pushed buttons on Horseshoe Way.

  4. Radiowoman makes a very valid point, which I too have made in the past. Aside from Larry and Willy, no out-of-market morning team has had success in Vancouver. Tom and Jerry circa 1994 is the ultimate example! Nat and Drew don’t exactly fit this mold. For the first 4.5 months of their time in Vancouver, Nat was paired with Buzz Bishop (an established name) on mornings while Drew handled afternoon drive. The two weren’t introduced to the Vancouver airwaves at the same time in the same timeslot. Even so, their ratings weren’t exactly stellar for the first few years, even to the point of them being fired and then rehired with the switch to Crave. The jury is still out on whether that was a publicity stunt or management gaff. The new Z team is growing on me. Definitely a bold move by Newcap bringing in two people who have never worked together to handle mornings in a major market.

  5. No out of market morning show has had success in Vancouver? There was of course Larry and Willy. Brother Jake was out of market or does he not count? Rob Christie had very good numbers with the launch of Jack. Those are the first few that I can think of. I would think the rate of success for an out of market morning show in Van is about typical for most larger markets. Some work, some fail.

    As for the comments in here on the ratings, the 2+ numbers don’t tell much of the story. Revenue dictates format flips – and the ratings for telling you who has revenue problems are not found in the 2+ numbers.

  6. Why is The Team consistently in the bottom 1/3rd of the ratings, when they have no competition in that format?
    Is it because the Canucks have gone stale? Or because – with 2 or 3 exceptions – their on air “talent” is extremely weak?

  7. So no one listens to the CBC, eh? Number one in Vancouver and Victoria batteling it out for top spot in Calgary and a top five in Edmonton and that is just the major western markets in this country. Yep, no one listens to the CBC.

  8. Something has to be done with CFOX. You’re not going to gain any points having a bipolar playlist and trying one half Peak and the other half Zone. The Jeff O’Neil show and most of the on air talent, aside from Drex, is stale. However that is just one mans opinion. Congrats to JR, doing great work.

  9. QM’s numbers appear to be a slump from their high water mark when they were playing Xmas music. If they fall again in the next book, watch out!

  10. That’s what I thought. Why is it that out of all the majors, Vancouver is the slowest radio market to make major change? We were discussing format flips for either Fox or Rock 101 a year ago when Brad Phillips took the helm. As of yet nothing has happened.

  11. Yep, The Team – stuck in the lower third of the ratings, most of their on-air talent shouldn’t be “on-air”, and the same stale (Canucks) topic hour, after hour, after …
    I guess there’s a “demo” that likes that; ie people with obsessive compulsive disorder.
    (But I’m not sure how many of them are out buying fridges or cars).

  12. Donovan, I was wondering the same thing. Stations like Shore, Rock 101, NW, and Fox are very slow to make changes in their on-air staff. I wonder if its because of long term contracts or wishful thinking. I have heard the Promotions Director at 101 is more ego than talent.


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