The 3 M’s … of Winning a Radio Battle


By Phil Dowse

Special to All Access Music Group

April 28

  • After all these years, it still applies………
  • – Mornings
    – Music
    – Marketing

    You need to win one of the three to have a hope.
    Two ticks and you’re likely to be a  pretty good station.
    Win all three and you are a market leader.

    Basic stuff, yes, but it’s amazing how stations , big and small alike don’t bullet proof themselves and end up being vulnerable when under attack. In Australia we have just seen a radio station destroyed because it didn’t protect itself,

    So, just how good are you……why not find out, and why not start with Mornings!

    These are what could be considered  the top ‘’Morning Show Attributes’’

    Entertaining Talent. It really does start here.
    Great Storytelling. You will find that ‘’ storytelling’’ is a fundamental requirement of a  great show. Usually this content comes from the on air talent AND listeners. In 2014 the challenge is finding ways to amplify this content on air and via social media.
    Sense of the Day. By this we mean covering off topical issues that listeners need to know about.’’ Here’s 5 things you need to know today” for instance.
    Entertaining Benchmarks….you need a couple
    Embrace Soap Opera/ Story Arc Radio. On- going episodic content that forces repeat listening and generates talk.
    Being Famous for one thing. Most great shows are. What is your show famous for?
    Great Preparation and internal systems.
    Good at Utilities…..particularly the art of generating forward momentum, getting listeners to listen for another quarter hour, getting them back for another tune-in  and bouncing them to social media and back.
    Primal. Doing interesting and different things with topicality. Everyone has access to the same content. Do it differently and get talk via social media.
    Sense of Fun
    News Traffic Weather. We all do it but do you get credit for it. Do you guarantee it?
    Broad Appeal /Easy to Explain….this equates to easy for listeners to talk about to non- listeners.
    Social media Strategy. Where is it?
    Momentum. It’s amazing how fast you can win when you get momentum (ie all the stuff above is being addressed)

    One really good approach is to drill down and investigate every attribute. Use any system you like. You could score your station out of 10 for each quality or perhaps look at A for great, B for above average, C for Average and D for unacceptable.

    Whatever system you like, just do something. It will be worth your while.



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