94X re-brands as 943 The Goat


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Vista Radio’s CIRX 94X FM Prince George BC today has re-branded as 94.3 The Goat


  1. What an appalling shame. How will this do anything but DECREASE station revenue? 94-X was a staple in that town. Good music, good DJs, good rock image. There are no goats in Prince George, except the upper Vista management who made this ridiculously dumb decision. I feel bad for the staff who will have to defend this idiocy to the listeners.

  2. Obviously, management felt they had to do something. 94X placed fifth out of five stations in the Spring ratings book. They were almost five full points back of fourth place. Expect more changes, I suspect, with CBC leading the four private stations.

  3. The name is just absolutely idiotic! Who the hell wants to work at a radio station called the GOAT…. BAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

  4. As a former long time employee of 94X, I feel for my old buddies that are still there fighting the good fight. That was a great building to work in for many years. A truly unique station that really was its own. Now it’s all gone. Corporate radio finally hit Vista Prince George. A sad day indeed. I’m glad I got out when I did. I’ll always have the great memories. I wish all the old gang good luck with the new station. Cheers!

  5. Just to clear up some misconceptions, this had nothing to do with ratings. We were actually quite happy finishing with the 2nd best market share in the A 25-54 Demo. This has been planned out for months. This was nothing but streamlining business for our company. The music hasn’t changed. the DJ’s aren’t changing. And the fact that we help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities in this community isn’t changing either. People were just as upset when the Almighty MAX flipped to 94X about a decade ago.

    Rock radio STILL Rules.

  6. I drive a 5 tonne delivery truck up here in the North every week from the Okanagan and me and my co-worker quite enjoy your station ! We both think that the new name and logo are VERY cool! I particularly love the logo as I have a goatee myself! When you get some decals I would really like a few for my vehicles, THANX Mike G

  7. Listening to the radio while working out in the shop this Sunday afternoon. Can’t believe how many times I have to switch stations! 3 times you play Billy Talentless in one afternoon! Boston 3times, ZZ Top 3 times, or even. a threesome of Nickelback, but not that crap! I guess that’s why your ratings are down the toilet. For God’s sake, don’t make me listen to that other has been station! Maybe vita time to go Cirius.

  8. According to what I overheard in a bar last weekend, Goat stands for “gayest of all tuneage”. I have to agree with that sentiment.


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