VICTORIA BBM Radio Ratings .. Spring 2014


Survey Period: March 3, 2014 – April 27, 2014
Demographic: A12+
Area: 9119 (Victoria Ctrl)

Station                                     Share   Central Reach    Trend

                                                       %                   (000)
CBCVFM (Radio One)       15.8                66.3               -0.1
CKKQFM  (100.3 The Q)  10.6                68.2              +0.6
CHBEFM   (KOOL FM)      10.3                72.2              -0.5
CFAX (News/Talk)                9.7                59.3              +0.7
CIOCFM  (The Ocean)         7.6                44.3              -0.8
CJZNFM  (The Zone)           6.5                47.5             +1.0
CHTTFM   (Jack FM)            3.7                31.3              -2.1

Central (Ctrl) Market Area – A BBM defined geographical area, usually centred around
one urban centre. The definition of a Central Market Area generally corresponds to
Statistics Canada Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration, Cities, Counties,
Share – Within the central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station
expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to all radio.


  1. I’m surprised that CBC Victoria is so popular, undeservedly so, as they push tyrannical ‘green’ Globalism so relentlessly…it’s usually unlistenable, frankly.

    I wonder why CFUV is not on the list? They are a University of Victoria-based station, run by volunteers, playing a real mish-mish of programmes on the FM, and some of it is actually listenable…

    I miss their competition, Village 900 (despite its unrelenting Globalism), which was based at Camosun College, and went silent suddenly, apparently for lack of public funding…

    Village 900 trained students for careers in radio broadcasting, and seemed much more professional than CFUV in most respects.

    I see CFAX languishing in 4th place in this poll and and in a spirit of public-minded concern, I propose a proven business solution: syndicate the 3 hour Alex Jones internet radio show from Genesis Communications, called Infowars, and watch your ratings skyrocket…

    Alex tells the unvarnished Truth, and leaves Coast to Coast in the dust…

    Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell, Editor, LA ROSA

  2. Gregory, the one time you heard their gardening segment on BC Almanac doesn’t mean CBC is pushing a green agenda, it just means they care that you get a decent kale crop from your patio garden.

    Alex Jones is a known and celebrated idiot.

  3. Well, I can’t believe that many people listen to CBC: very small local content and a lot of boring national CBC type programming!


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