Staying with Calgary – Here’s an aircheck from CFCN


Still with Calgary, in Mark Summers continuing series of Alberta radio station airchecks. Here’s a goodie from XL’s main competitor up on Broadcast Hill and CFCN 1060AM
Kim Blu is the main jock on this clip



  1. Ronald T. Robinson on the Babko bit? Don’t know many jocks who would use the word “perspicacity” on today’s radio! 😉

  2. I heard the above demo and it truly sucks. Big difference between the energy levels of CFCN and 1140 XL Radio, which rose to be the number one station during the 1980’s.

    In those days, no one could touch XL radio, it was a fearless music machine !

    Ronald T. would later work at 66 CFR (now 660 News) I lived in Calgary during the “dog dogs” of 1060 CFCN, a gawd awful radio station during its final years, with horrible deejays, (in contrast to its FM sister, CJAY 92, an award winning station !) but very good news !

    Mercifully, they finally blew up CFCN AM and rebranded it as “AM 106.”

    AM 106 was a great rocker in its time with world class talent (Tarzan Dan Freeman, Glen Slingerland, and Rory O’Shea, among others ! )

    AM106 also had a great reach (50.000 watts) and could be heard all over western canada and beyond !



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