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Edmonton PPM Nov 29, 2021 – Feb 27, 2022

CISN Country has bounced back to number One, with CBC following in 2ndf place. CKRA, the Breeze has changed direction and headed back up and holds the 3rd place

Research Director Inc., Exclusive Holiday ’21 PPM Analysis For Seattle-Tacoma

Before The Ratings Experts from RESEARCH DIRECTOR, INC. – along with our partners in data from XTRENDS – round out our coverage of the third book from CHRISTMAS, we have a question. Why does Santa get all the credit?

Seattle-Tacoma latest Nielsen numbers for January 2022

No doubt its all Christmas music made a great influence on their positioning in the latest Nielsen numbers holds KRWM-FM in first place. KIRO-FM comes in 2nd, with KOMO AM which has now climbed to third place...

Seattle-Tacoma latest Nielsen number for December 2021

Christmas music has shuffled the deck with KRMW coming in first place, with Three News station filling s2n, 3rd and 4th slots in the Seattle-Tacoma market

Regina & Saskatoon Numeris 12+ Diary Fall 2021

Saskatoon at a glance, C-95 tops the charts, with NewsTalk CKOM coming in 2nd place. As for Regina, Jack FM is the winner, Z-95 moves into 2nd place, next CBC' Radio One, then newser CJME

Winnipeg Fall 2021 Numeris Diary 12+

Again, the public broadcaster comes in first place. NewsTalk CJOB is second, with Country QX. Hot and Kiss are both in Basement

Kelowna Numeris 12+ Diary – Fall 2021

Top of the chart is CBC, followed by Pattison's The Beach... Paul Larsen's CKOV, The Lake was not included in these latest numbers, but will be included in next Springs

Victoria Fall 2021 Numeris / Diary 12+

CBC goes even higher placing top of the heap, with The Q coming 2nd place. The Zone has taken a big tumble

Vancouver PPM Aug 30 – November 28, 2021

CKNW continues to rule the roast, followed by CBU Am, with CFMI coming up next. CKPK continues to hold bottom basement numbers

Seattle-Tacoma latest Nielsen numbers for November 2021

The same radio stations are still in the same top 3 spots . 1st being News/Talk KIRO FM, Classic Rock KZOK FM in 2nd and in 3rd spot News/Talk KUOW