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Back in August of 2020, I had Alan Cross on the show to talk about the issues facing the music industry in the wake of the pandemic. In 2022, we could have declared that music was back but we still didn’t have any real numbers with so many people trying to make up for lost time, missed shows, and those forgotten tickets stored somewhere on the internet.

In this episode, music geek Alan Cross sits down to tell us about some of the latest trends in music, why concert tickets are priced the way they are, who sets the prices and why some tours are being cancelled before they get started. Yes we talked about two of the biggest stories surrounding concerts: Taylor Swift’s success and the U.S. Goverment’s Ticketmaster/Live Nation Anti-Trust lawsuit. We also discussed two Canadian based music documentaries that radio junkies might be interested in, including Hate To Love: Nickleback and the CFNY: The Spirit of Radio.

A transcript and a video version of the show are available on our network site.

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