Vancouver radio station LG73 fizzles out, long after its glorious heyday


LG-73 AM was once home to a slew of celebrity DJs but, after a series of reboots, most recently as all-traffic radio, it fell silent last week

by Gordon McIntyre

Vancouver Sun

July 3, 2024

Sept. 30, 1990. Dean Hill fronts ‘LG’s Morning Zoo: Sam, the traffic person/sports reporter, Stu McAllister, co-host Graham Hatch and newsman Merv Connally. PHOTO BY PETER HULBERT / PROVINCE /sun

John Tanner was working the nightshift at LG73 FM, 9 p.m. to midnight, and when it was his turn to play a track from the tape, it was a — song doesn’t seem the right word — a piece called Revolution 9 that droned and wailed for more than eight minutes.

“Number 9, number 9, number 9, it kept going, Yoko screaming, weird noises and voices, I thought, ‘What the heck is going on here?,’” Tanner said on Thursday.

Like most people, Tanner didn’t realize at the time he was living in a golden age, in his case of radio. He was lamenting the end of LG-73, which after several attempted reboots, most recently as all-traffic radio, ended its once-storied 69 year run this week.

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  1. Because the transistor radio was the original wi-fi network of news, information and upbeat positive music such as “Sunshine Pop” I would buy LG73 it while returning to top 40, 60’s thru 80’s. Lots of the old LG listeners are still around with astronomical wealth who are not into hip hop etc.

  2. LG73 was literally THE station to listen to while I was in high school in the late 80s. The exciting sound of LG73 has never been duplicated in Vancouver since it went of the air in 2001.14 CFUN,1040 Kicks,and LG73, staples of teens in Vancouver in the 80s all gone silent.. AM radio is officially dead in Vancouver.

  3. LG and CFUN for me in the 70s back and forth.
    New topic quickly:
    Alissa Thibault said “idear” tonight on Global instead of “idea”.
    Yes, yes… it’s her Aussie accent.
    Still pisses me off.
    Major market TV newscast… unacceptable.

  4. The accents drive me away…and forecasters who keep saying ‘on your Monday’ or ‘gor your Thursday.’ Another silly edict from some consultant. It sounds silly, and more important, no one talks like that.

    • An interesting comment. The other day, out of curiosity, I tuned in to the main CBC Radio news report, The World at Six. It is now known as “Your World Tonight.”

  5. Someone needs to buy this station and put oldies, 70’s 80’s music. Play classic jingles and identifiers and the nostalgia crowd who grew up in this time will listen. They have the money now, one of the last generations to actually still have money.

  6. I’d love to hear a conservative talk show… bye bye NW and CBC.
    And Tom, with today’s technology of fabulous playlists of your own…with the much richer non-AM sound… I’d say your idea of a CISL-like station is a thing of the past.

    • CISL one year before it shut down and changed to sports was basically what the old CHWK was in chilliwack and radio max in abbotsford was before they shut down and moved to the fm band as an easy listening station. Looks like 104.3 might change to either boom fm or get sold to corus and switch to a nw simulcast despite likely criticisms from the crtc like after a calgary music station switched to a simulcast of their talk station.

  7. How about “ALL 70s ALL THE TIME!” The other decades, particularly the 60s, would also work for me, but song for song and band for band, I choose the 70s!

    • Basically what The Lake shifted to in kelowna in other words. That station is now what vernons CJIB was in the latter half of the 80s.

  8. Was CKNW auditioning News readers today. I heard one this morning. I couldn’t believe it. Someone in charge actually let this person on the air. It was very disturbing…you could tell the person was scared and should never have been put on air.

  9. Theresa…
    I heard that exact newscast. I can say this honestly: what I heard was as surreal as what’s going on right now with Joe Biden. I can’t believe it’s even a discussion about him staying on as President and…I CAN’T BELIEVE NW has fallen this far.
    Stunning. Almost… criminal?…to have that person on a major market radio station, much less a station in perhaps, Fort Saint John.


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