Vancouver all-traffic radio station quietly goes off the air


by Amir Ali

DH News Daily Hive

June 26, 2024

AM730, a Corus Vancouver radio station that brought listeners traffic updates, seems to be off the air, and some are wondering what’s going on.

When trying to listen to AM730 on the radio on Wednesday afternoon, listeners heard a rebroadcast of 980 CKNW.

Daily Hive has heard from sources that some jobs have been terminated at the station. Multiple sources have also told Daily Hive that they believe the station is being completely shut down.

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  1. Is Corus going under?
    Does propaganda not pay?
    Not getting taxpayer funded handouts?

    Who will the force vaxxed Corus employees sue if it goes under?
    Corus employees pushed the jabs on their audiences.
    Who will the audiences sue if Corus goes under?

  2. I met with John Hayes, the American guy who was running Corus or whatever it was called about twenty years ago and he told me it cost 70k a month just to keep the lights on at 730. I suggested to him that they put Dan Russell and the Canucks on 730 and was told that hockey fans wouldn’t accept the Canucks on anything other than CKNW. I believe he departed back to the US shortly thereafter. He also told me the only reason that they were keeping the station on the air is that the CRTC frowned on large broadcasters shutting down frequencies. Times have certainly changed.

  3. If Corus has any chance at surviving, it has to cut more people and shutter more properties, or attempt to sell some of its assets. These most recent shutdowns are just the beginning of the dismantling. Understand the most important word in their press release: ‘ongoing’

  4. Corus was out of options. The company is effectively bankrupt. Firing the CEO last week and putting in two co-CEOs cannot save this ship. The loss of valuable TV rights was the final nail. AM transmitters (such as for AM730) are very expensive to run.

    • A good point about the AM transmitters. It seems that all AM stations want to convert to FM. FM radio used to be a quality medium; it is no more.

  5. I’ve always believed that switching to all-news and then all-traffic for these stations was a WKRP-type move designed to drive listeners away so it could be written off as a tax loss.

  6. Oh I see FAKE NEWS is back due to not having to login anymore. It was so quiet and nice when you had to login.

  7. I have the sad feeling that radio as we know it will eventually disappear and be replaced by podcasts and streaming. I hope that I am wrong.


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