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[BO] Anxiety Over The Presidential Election Is Real, Immunity, Ready For The Shift? – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

National Anthem “Everything That’s Wrong With Canada” Say Mainstream Media, by Brad Salzberg

Neil Oliver: How Banks Took Over Empires, and the Truth About WWII, Brexit, & COVID

Stephen Harper first ratified the Agenda 21 agreement, then gave away our sovereignty by signing us to Agenda 2030

The People Must Save Democracy In Canada and The US, by Brian Peckford

Jiminy Glick Interviews Bill Maher | Real Time (HBO)

Monday in Broadcast History .. June 24th

Radio Mans fave with Streetheart

Life can change in an instant because of a natural disaster, a seasonal storm, job loss, some new disease or even the political statements of a far off nation – Let’s get you ready!  Briden Solutions and The Lifeline Plan – Simplifying Emergency Preparedness.

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