Radio reboot: Vancouver’s alternative music station THE PEAK is back, but will it last?


by Claire Fenton

DH Daily Hive

June 22, 2014








Resurgence took music fans by surprise

It was more than a shock for music fans. The PEAK’s owners, Pattison Media, had announced just two years ago that it was changing formats on the FM dial. The owners made the alternative music station only available to listen to in your car if you had an HD-enabled car radio or on streaming platforms.

Instead, 102.7 on the FM dial became a 102.7 FM NOW!radio, a pop format, adding to Vancouver’s already sugary-sweet radio waves.

Russell James, program director of Vancouver’s 102.7 The PEAK, tells Daily Hive that there was a lot going on behind the scenes.

“I don’t think it’s a big secret that the PEAK never made money. It was always a passion project, and our owners were very gracious in giving us a long time to try and get it to the point where it just broke even,” James said.

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