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VP Pick Might Not Be Who You Think, DOD COG Changed, [DS] In A Downward Spiral – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Canadian University “No Whites Permitted” Policy Questioned By Elon Musk, by Brad Salzberg

Calif. Fast Food Minimum Wage Hike Continues Impacting Positions, Businesses: 10,000 Jobs Lost

Laura Loomer: This is an invasion of unprecedented proportions..

For Love of Country with Tulsi Gabbard | The Roseanne Barr

Tucker Carlson: President Nayib Bukele: Seeking God’s Wisdom, Taking Down MS-13, and His Advice to Donald Trump

Winter of DIED SUDDENLY – Died In Sleep – William Makis MD

The REAL Reason They Want You To Hate Donald Trump!

Damaged Hearts Among the Vaccinated with Dr. Chris Shoemaker

Life can change in an instant because of a natural disaster, a seasonal storm, job loss, some new disease or even the political statements of a far off nation – Let’s get you ready!  Briden Solutions and The Lifeline Plan – Simplifying Emergency Preparedness.

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