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Shot Heard Around The World, Precedent Has Been Set, Victory Nov 5 – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

New York Jury Reaches Verdict on Trump’s NY Lawfare Trial — GUILTY!! – ALL 34 COUNTS! — EACH COUNT COULD RESULT IN 4 YEARS IN PRISON!… Judge Merchan Tells Jurors He “Admires Your Dedication and Hard Work”

Trudeau Clings To Power As Threats Against Liberal MPs Skyrocket, by Brad Salzberg

Central Bank Digital Currency with Bret Oland and Tanya Gaw

Chart of the Day (CotD) National Citizens Inquiry Starts Today, by Eldric Vero

‘Giant Threat to the Food Supply’: Dr. McCullough Issues Bird Flu Update

Stew Peters: Old World Order, Everything We’ve Been Told Is A Lie

The Ukraine – Russian War was planned well in advance

Cure for Cancer

Outraged Merchan Just Sent The Jury Home After Giving The Impression They Won’t Convict Trump

Tedros Must Face Reality, by Dr. David Bell

Japanese Scientist say more that two shots, I’m convinced your life is in danger

Life can change in an instant because of a natural disaster, a seasonal storm, job loss, some new disease or even the political statements of a far off nation – Let’s get you ready!  Briden Solutions and The Lifeline Plan – Simplifying Emergency Preparedness.

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