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[DS] Empire’s Grip On America Has Failed, We Knew This Day Would Come, Dead-Chicken Strat – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Special Edition Chart of the Day (CotD) Canadian Taxpayers Federation Government Waste Awards, by Eldric Vero

12,000 people take the biblical plunge in the largest baptism in California

Even the The Wall Street Journal Is Now Seeing The Corruption

Europe At Point Of Transition To “Right-Leaning” Political Domination, by Brad Salzberg

Was There a Mafia Coverup in the ‘Trial of the Century’ Against OJ Simpson?

BRICS News & Yuval Noah Harari Exposing Clay Clark

BBC Calls Latest Trump Trial “Weakest Criminal Case” Says No One Is Watching A Circus With Manipulated Acts

Vaxxed ‘Super Size Me’ Star Morgan Spurlock Dead of Cancer at 53

Hamas Rocket Barrage Deliberately Aimed at Tel Aviv Shows Who Has the REAL Genocidal Intent! by Harvey Oberfeld


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