Radio Mans fave with Silver Convention


Fly Robin Fly

Silver Convention were a German Euro disco recording act of the 1970s. The group was originally named Silver Bird Convention or Silver Bird.

The group was initiated in Munich by producers and songwriters Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze. The group was named after Levay, “Silver” being Levay’s nickname. Kunze had in the late 1960s been a pop lyricist who wrote protest songs in German; when these tunes went out of style, he began producing pop records and commercials.[2] Levay had developed a taste for American music while growing up in Yugoslavia, eventually becoming a music arranger and lyricist.[2]

Using female session vocalists named Ingrid, Wilma and Monica, they scored a successful single in the United Kingdom in 1975 with the song “Save Me“, which peaked at #30.[3][4] They later used other vocalists, such as Gitta WaltherLucy Neale, Betsy Allen, Roberta Kelly, and Jackie Carter for their first recordings and upcoming album. Since they were only a studio group, Levay and Kunze realized then that they would need to find professional entertainers for presentation to the public. Penny McLeanRamona Wulf and Linda G. Thompson became the public face of Silver Convention.

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