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So this is episode 400. I’m never really sure if as podcasters we are supposed to celebrate these milestones publicly; I have never heard a listener tell anyone that “you need to listen to Episode 100 of” any podcast ever. But I have heard them say, “Did you check out the episode with [insert relevant person here]”?

Tell your friends that Dave Jackson is on the show this week as we head Back to School. Dave is the owner of the School of Podcasting and has countless resources to help you get started with your show. This includes no fewer that 4 podcasts including:

Ask the Podcast CoachPodcast Rodeo ShowYour Podcast ConsultantYour Podcast Website, and The Future of Podcasting.

In this episode I learned about why you need a “podcasting why” before you start your show, the difference between a YouTube show and a podcast, why you (still) need a website for your podcast and what needs to be on that website. (Spoiler: He recommends Podpage which we use for our network page).

Dave and I also dug into the super trendy question du jour: Do you need to have video for your podcast. It turns out you don’t need to stress yourself out over video as much as people let on. Finally, we dabbled in the future of podcasting discussing Podcasting 2.0 which will enable podcasters to do more things, and enhance the experience for the audience.

We do video so yes – you can watch the show here.

A transcript of the show is available here,

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