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[DS] Begins China Election Interference Narrative, Military & State Secrets Privilege – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

NDP Re-Criminalization of Public Drug Use is a Good Start to Taking Back Our Streets/Parks, by Harvey Oberfeld

Bill Barr Triggers CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Won’t Back Down on Voting For Trump (VIDEO)

Hallelujah ! Supreme Court of Canada to Hear Newfoundland and Labrador Charter Case . Should We Be Hopeful?

Lowest Birthrates, Highest Immigration Define Trudeau’s Disastrous Legacy

Bob Kudla – Fed Is Political, Major Market Correction Coming This Fall, Leverage

Military Exercise 2024

Gateway Pundit files Chapter 11 bankruptcy: facing defamation lawsuits, by Jon Rappoport

Poll finds BC Conservatives lead NDP for first time ever

The Parasite Show, by Dr. Jane Ruby

Life can change in an instant because of a natural disaster, a seasonal storm, job loss, some new disease or even the political statements of a far off nation – Let’s get you ready!  Briden Solutions and The Lifeline Plan – Simplifying Emergency Preparedness.

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