“Super stoked”: New Jack FM Vancouver morning show team revealed


by Amir Ali

DH News

April 27, 2024

Christy and Fraser

Drex and his team’s replacement for the morning show at Jack FM Vancouver has been revealed.

A post from radio host Christy J. Farrell announced the news on Instagram, saying that she and Fraser Tuff will be hosting mornings on Jack starting this Monday at 6 am.

The news comes barely over a week after we learned that Drex’s show was pulled off the air. It also comes just over a month after Farrell and Tuff were let go from 102.7 NOW!radio in Vancouver, formerly The Peak.

Meanwhile, Drex confirmed that he and all four team members involved in its production were impacted by the show being taken off the air.

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  1. Hmm… I miss the Jack FM that played the type of music and jingles it used to in it’s first couple of years when it debuted. Since then it’s become lame and boring. Same old repeats, lack of variety of musical styles and no jingles. No identity anymore. It’s now forgettable as opposed to before when it was undeniable. But they will never listen… they thin k they know everything. They ignore the listener, the customer.

  2. The sound quality is trash as well. Flip between CFOX and JACK and you will hear CFOX sounds BIG and clear and loud. Turn to JACK and it sounds like your listening to an old 1980’s tape deck. Very weak.


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