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Today’s X22 Report is not available at this time

In it’s place we feature the following video with Bill Maher on Pedophilia

To Watch Video, Click on the Image below

Bill Maher-It turns out for pedophiles in Hollywood, “It’s A Small World After All.”

Easton Spectator

Vaughn Palmer: Premier losing control of daily political agenda

Pursuing the Truth!!!

Hairy-Chested Trans Mayor in California Booted from Office Amid Soaring Homelessness and Crime – Previously Called Recall Effort Transphobic

How Big Pharma Makes Healthy People Sick – Documentary

Megyn Kelly Humiliates Disgraced CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin

Malaysian Doctor Expresses Deep Regret for Vaccination Stance, Offers Profuse Apology for Past Advice During COVID-19 Pandemic

Joe Rogan Experience – Tucker Carlson



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