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The X22 Report is Not Available on Saturdays, next report tomorrow (Sunday)

Today we feature this youtube video on Trudeau with all his scandals and Scams…

To Watch Video, Click on the Image below

Donald Plett Reveals Every Trudeau Scandal & Scam! Moral Turpitude! One Hour Straight Dose!

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

400-Page Study In U.K. Condemns Sex-Change Surgery For Youth, by Brad Salzberg

Corona Covid 1984 And 5G By Dr. Tom Cowan Banned By Youtube

Georgia’s election board now admits to violations of election law in 2020

H Schlanger – [DS] Using Every Trick In The Boo To Stop What’s Coming, The People Are Waking Up WW

Students Against Mandates

Exposing Municipal Corruption, Part 1 With Tanya Gaw & City Councillor Lisa Robinson

FBI Quietly Releases Unclassified File on Ashli Babbitt… During the Solar Eclipse

The Shape of the Earth, by Pastor Dean Odke

Only Maxime Bernier of the Peoples Party of Canada is NOT a Globalist!!!




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