Radio Mans fave with Kim Carnes


Bette Davis Eyes

Kim Carnes (/kɑːrnz/; born July 20, 1945) is an American singer and songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles. She began her career as a songwriter in the 1960s, writing for other artists while performing in local clubs and working as a session background singer with the famed Water Sisters (featured in the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom). After she signed her first publishing deal with Jimmy Bowen, she released her debut album Rest on Me in 1971. Carnes’ self-titled second album primarily contained self-penned songs, including her first charting single “You’re a Part of Me”, which reached No. 35 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 1975. In the following year, Carnes released Sailin’, which featured “Love Comes from Unexpected Places”. The song won the American Song Festival and the award for Best Composition at the Tokyo Song Festival in 1976.



  1. Great Bonnie Tyler-ish voice. Strong instrumentation too. ‘More Love’ another Carnes song to give another listen to.


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