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We’re back with another radio star this week- one whose career I actually contributed to.

Sarah Christie has been in radio for well over a decade, and currently serves as the National Music Manager for Virgin Radio Canada. We discuss her rise through the radio ranks, from a humble intern who moved to Winnipeg for an internship as soon as she was able, to one of the most important folks on Virgin’s team. We also discuss how I hired Sarah myself back in the day, but didn’t actually meet her until 5 years later. Radio is funny like that sometimes.

Sarah shares some in-depth insights on the changing state of radio programming over the last decade. Things sure ain’t the way they used to be, and stations have had to adapt to a whole truckload of new technology to stay on top of current music trends, including trolling TikTok for the newest surprise hit. She also discusses why she spent most of her career in Winnipeg, and what makes the city so special to her.

Late in the show, we shift towards talking about Sarah’s other interest, climate change. Sarah’s got her own podcast, Earth Care, which provides listeners with a bevy of tips and ideas to help reduce their carbon footprint. You’ll hear lots about it in this interview, but you should also check out the show for yourself if you want to, well, care for the earth.

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Transcription of this episode is available here.

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