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 Comedian Kate Davis Launches New Podcast, Humor In The C-Suite

Renowned Comic and Keynote speaker Kate Davis unveils her new podcast, Humor in the C Suite. Every week, Kate will chat with the most prominent business leaders on how they use humor to create an extraordinary work culture, asking questions that lead to a more authentic self. In Humor in the C-Suite, Kate gets to the nitty gritty of humor. Like, how do you strike a balance between using humor and maintaining professionalism? What role does humor play in building strong relationships with your team? And how do you gauge the appropriateness of humor so you don’t get fired? Kate will shed some light, or a tear of laughter, on the influence that humor has in the corporate environment: how it promotes trust, confidence, curiosity and success. 

Episodes include: 

Oskhar Pineda: emphasizing the importance of using humor to create a lighthearted and friendly work culture where employees feel comfortable connecting with each other. Todd Hirsch: using humor can help build relationships and create an engaging culture in the workplace. 

Paola Girotti: shares examples of using humor to connect with employees and clients, and finds balance between seriousness and lightheartedness. 

An award-winning comic, author and sought after international keynote speaker Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humor in any situation. The star of her own hour-long comedy special on CTV and the Comedy Network, she’s a regular on Sirius XM radio and CBC Radio “The Debaters”. Her presentations on stress management, connectivity and resilience are grounded in 2 decades of research and development. Kate has two comedy albums out, “Tested Positive” and “House Arrest” which are available on all platforms. She has been published in Readers Digest, Today’s parent magazine and The Mom and Caregiver Magazine. Her first book the Breast-Feeding Diaries won the iparent media award and her second book which came out in April 2019 called “Second Best Mom – Stories, Tips and Okay Advice” is now available on all platforms. Kate has brought thousands of people together, coaching on managing change and dynamic environments. Through the proven health building power of laughter and levity Kate inspires others to create moments of inclusivity, joy, and productivity in all areas of their lives. This work leaves people feeling energized, optimistic and equipped with practical tools to make real change and staying motivated. 

The podcast is hosted on Art19 

Produced by the Sound Off Media Company 

and can be found on: Apple, Spotify & Amazon Music 




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