Radio Mans fave with The Proclaimers


The Proclaimers are a Scottish rock duo formed in 1983 by twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid (born 5 March 1962).[1] They came to attention with their 1987 single “Letter from America“, which reached No. 3 in the United Kingdom, and the 1988 single “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)“, which topped charts in Australia,[2][3] Iceland and New Zealand.[4] The duo’s biggest album, Sunshine on Leith (1988) has been certified multi-Platinum in Australia and Canada, selling over 2 million copies worldwide, including around 700,000 in the United States.[5] The Proclaimers have sold over 5 million albums worldwide.[6][7]

First active from 1983 as an acoustic duo,[1] the Proclaimers moved toward band-oriented rock in later works. The Proclaimers’ style draws from a diversity of influences, including countryfolk[8][9] and punk rock.[10] Their playing range has included roots rock,[11] alternative rock[12] and folk rock,[13] and their music is typified by their Scottish accents.[8] The Proclaimers often tour internationally[8] and have released 12 studio albums since 1987, the most recent being 2022’s Dentures Out, as well as three compilation albums and a DVD.

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