Long time radio newsman George Garrett has passed


Courtesy of Joseph Planta

March 19, 2024

Aaron Chapman, George Orr, George Garrett and Joseph Planta
George Garrett died last night. He was 89. Eighty-nine years is a long time but when the consensus from his loved ones and friends that it wasn’t nearly enough, I’d say that was a life well lived. Thanks to Aaron Chapman for reminding me of this photo from 2016. With George Orr, we were at lunch celebrating Garrett’s birthday. He said he looked like he was reaching inside his coat for a “piece.”
Looking back, I think of that line from Yates: “Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.”

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So sorry to hear that George Garrett, radio reporter extraordinaire has passed away. That picture is from the Vancouver RPM luncheon where George received a special achievement award. Back in 1996, my tape machine died on my first assignment as a reporter for CKWX. George, who worked for rival CKNW, lent me his spare machine. The very next day, his tape machine batteries died and I lent him some of mine. Instant Karma! I’m sure lots of people have similar stories about George. Condolences to his family and hundreds of friends.
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