PSR’s 6pm Wednesday Night News with the News You Should Know…


The X22 Report is Not Available today. Next Report tomorrow (Thursday) here on PSR

In it’s place we feature this interview with Steve Bannon,

To Watch Video, Click on the Image below

Lies My Government Told Me about the C0/lD /axxine

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Lies My Government Told Me about the C0\/lD \/axxine

England’s Ban On Puberty Blockers “In Your Face” Moment For Trudeau, by Brad Salzberg

Washington State: Get $2000 to Snitch on Your Neighbor for Speech “Crimes”

You’ll never guess what the New York mayor is NOT saying about illegal aliens, by Jon Rappoport

16 year old Tyson Hockley interviews Maxime Bernier, leader of the Peoples Party of Canada

The World Is Not Getting Worse Or Darker, The Veil Sheltering You From Reality Is Lifting

Carrie Sakamoto speaks out & fights for the vaccine injured

Boeing Whistleblower John Barnett Found Dead After Testifying Against Company

Trudeau’s Canada Threatens LIFE SENTENCES for “Hate”


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