“A hard goodbye for me”: Popular BC radio host steps down after cancer diagnosis


by Ryan Hook

DH Daily Hive

February 15, 2024

Dylan Willows — the popular radio host of the morning show at the Zone — announced his decision to step down in an emotional on-air announcement this morning, telling listeners about his recent cancer diagnosis.

“I sadly have become quite sick with cancer,” said Willows. “The cancer I thought I beat 20 years ago has come back… I am facing limited time and that time can’t be spent here at the radio station anymore, which is a vital blow to me.”

The 44-year-old has Stage 4 uveal melanoma, a rare form of ocular (or eye) cancer. He went public with his most recent terminal cancer diagnosis on December 1, and went on a five-week break, returning a month ago.

“It was so aggressive and so fast,” his longtime co-host Jason Lamb added. “You only found out a few days ago what you were facing.”

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