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The Tyrannical Government Exposed Itself, No Civil War, Trump Wants The People To Decide – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.
Has Trump REJECTED the RNC?

Euthanasia Advocates In Canada Justify MAiD On Financial Grounds, by Brad Salzberg

Now that I’ve exposed a massive amount of genetic insanity… by Jon Rappoport

Agenda 2030 Communicates an Evil Agenda

Bob Kudla – There Is No Soft Landing, It Will Be Hard Landing, Trump Warned The [CB]

Stop the invasion – 25 states join Texas as civil war battle lines are drawn

Tucker Carlson in Edmonton (FULL SPEECH)

Tucker Carlson tears into BC’s plan to make ‘safe supply’ fentanyl accessible to minors without informing parents.

Liberal minister David Lametti responsible for War Measures (Emergencies) Act resigns

Gov. Abbott Invokes State’s Right To Self-Defense In Border Battle

Tucker Carlson tells Canadians: ‘You should dislike and resist Justin Trudeau and his government to the maximum extent of your ability’


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