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Biden Trapped In Border Agenda, Obama Wants Biden Out, Establishment Exposed For All To See – X22 Report

Did You Listen To Tucker Carlson’s Speech ? by Brian Peckford

Extra Special Edition Chart of the Day (CotD) The Great Setup with Dr. David Martin, by Eldric Vero

How The Internet Broke Open Canada’s Liberal Party-Media Bubble, by Brad Salzberg

James O’Keefe: DC Swamp Exposed

Do you want to eat RNA vaccines for dinner? Now you can, by Jon Rappoport

BC Conservative leader John Rustad was the only MLA to support the “Freedom Movement”
Two years ago yesterday marked the anniversary of the trucks arriving in Ottawa

OMG: A Capitol Hill intern reveals how members of Congress are coerced to vote a certain way through blackmail and extortion after affairs & sex parties

Look what PP voted for?

UK must ‘listen carefully’ as army chief warns public could face conscription, says Tobias Ellwood

Whatever happened to the truckers who dared to protest Justin Trudeau? Some of them are still in jail, years later. Trucker Gord Magill explains how darkness has descended on Canada.”


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