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Google Terms Changed To Prepare For A [FF],Time To Complete The Mission, Prepare Yourself – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.
2024: We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This!

Chart of the Day (CotD) Ireland Covid and Excess Deaths, by Eldric Vero

“Some things humans need to understand about “”Mother Teresa”” to understand our world:”

Liberals Re-Engage China To Steal Future Federal Election? by Brad Salzberg

New Leader is Federal Liberals’ ONLY Hope!, by Harvey Oberfeld

MUST WATCH! Dr. William Makis On Turbo Cancer: I’ve Never Seen Cancers Behaving Like This!

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch )

Tucker Carlson and Dennis Quaid on the ignored risk to America’s power grid

Shot Dead The Movie

Action4Canada 2023 Successful Year in Review with Tanya Gaw


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