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Make No Mistake The [DS] Will Not Give Up Power, Setting The Stage, Playbook Known, Buckle Up – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.
2024: Full Steam Ahead For The Trudeau Train Of Destruction, by Brad Salzberg

The Vernon School Board is trying to eliminate public input at,School Board meetings to push the WEF’s pedo agenda

UN Goal to Destroy West with CO2 & Education Scams

Marjorie spills ALL the piping hot Congress tea! The Roseanne Barr Podcast #28

The Courts Err! Moot, No , Right To Know , Yes !!!, by Brian Peckford

Robert Kennedy keeps fumbling, mumbling, and steering clear of vital issues, by Jon Rappoport

The War on Ivermectin – Free Short Documentary Film

BREAKING: Now There’s Proof! Brad Raffensperger Lied to President Trump When He Told Him in Jan 2021 Phone Call There Was No Fraud in 2020 Election


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