What Today’s Radio Personalities Can Learn From Wolfman Jack, by Fred Jacobs


The Best of JacoBLOG

Courtesy of Fred Jacobs

December 29, 2023

Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives

I’m often asked where the ideas for this blog come from. While many of them emanate right from news stories about media, technology, and radio, some are spur of the moment serendipity.  They can be inspired by pretty much anything – a piece of media I experience, a conversation with a friend or client, or just pure happenstance.

That’s pretty much how today’s post came together early last June.  I happened to re-watch an old favorite, American Graffiti and one of the scenes simply whacked me across the forehead.  And the post that pretty much wrote itself turned out to make the top 10 most-read of the year.  

Truth is, I probably would have included it in this year’s “Best of” anyway.  It was one of my personal favorites, and aside from its nostalgic value, the post stimulated conversation…and memories. 

The first is part of the core mission of JacoBLOG; the second is just a nice offshoot that sometimes happens when I manage to stir up a mental “blast from the past” for many of you. 

More than a scene from an old movie, however, I hope the 4-minute clip I included from George Lucas’ ’70s masterpiece gives you something to think about whether you’re on the air, you manage those who are, or you perhaps run a radio company and you’re thinking about how the medium can remain fresh and relevant in an era of Spotify, satellite radio, podcasts, YouTube, and TikTok. 

I walked away with 10 lessons any modern personality could take away from this charismatic DJ from a bygone era.  Hopefully, one or two will resonate with you. – FJ

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