Gruff recalls that phone call way back when Greg Shannon phoned him with a job offer


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Spring 1993…I was working a Saturday morning at 1310 CHLW St. Paul. Phone rings…and on the other end is a man who says he’s from a country station in Medicine Hat & that they are looking for an announcer & would I be interested in applying. He just happened to be in the area & was listening. I ended up applying for & getting the job & my career went into a whole new direction. That man was Greg Shannon
Fast forward to 2023, Greg’s last day on CFCW. Greg is moving on to a different opportunity (plus he’s happy he doesn’t have to get up at 3am anymore).
Greg has been an amazing mentor. From the moment we first met, I was always in awe of his work ethic & passion to entertain. Not only has he been a huge inspiration in my career…he’s an even better Friend!
Gonna miss seeing him around the station. If you get a chance send him a message, call or text & wish him all the best…because we know he’s going to be great, no matter what he does.
PS…this is a horrible pic, but it was quick because Greg was busy on the air LOL

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