PSR’s 6pm Wednesday Night News with the News You Should Know…


Today’s X22 Report is not available at this time, will post later…. sorry about that!

In it’s place we feature ‘The Corey Morgan Show’ from Western Standard News/Calgary…

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.
Israel Under Attack Today, The West Tomorrow With Tanya Gaw & Majed El Shafie

Ep. 48 The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Kid Rock

Ibrahim Ali Murder Trial Coverage A Government, Media Disgrace, by Brad Salzberg

Study shows COVID-19 injections have so far caused a staggering 17 MILLION deaths

LOOK: Illinois proposes bill that requires blood donations be tested for evidence of Covid-19 vaccines or any mRNA vaccine components.

Young Canadian MSM journalist who heavily promoted the Covid-19 vaccine has died after being “declared neurologically dead”

SUMMER OF DIED SUDDENLY – FAMILIES that inject COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines together – have heart attacks, blood clots, develop Turbo Cancer and DIE SUDDENLY together – 30 FAMILIES since May 2023!

$60,000 to replace battery. The battery costs more than a brand new car!



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