Upcoming Major Job Cuts At The CBC – Impacts And Updates


Major cuts should be announced Monday to employees of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the CBC. They could lead to the reduction of several hundred positions.

All Radio-Canada and CBC employees were summoned for a meeting this Monday. The objective of these meetings is to “provide an update on our financial challenges and to take stock of what is coming in the coming months,” according to the convocation email consulted by The Press.

According to our information, executives and managers will also be met on Monday, followed by union presidents.

Up to 700 positions could be eliminated within the state-owned company as a result of these cuts, announced the Montreal Journal and the Duty.

The Press was able to confirm that an announcement of this magnitude is indeed expected for Monday. Both the English and French services of the public broadcaster would be affected.

The president of the Union of Radio-Canada Workers Pierre Tousignant did not want to comment on the news on Sunday evening. Radio-Canada also specified that it had “no comments at this time,” Marc Pichette, senior director of promotion and public relations, indicated by email.


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