Radio Mans fave with Gilbert O’Sullivan


Alone Again (Naturally)

Gilbert O’Sullivan (born Raymond Edward O’Sullivan 1 December 1946) is an Irish singer-songwriter. O’Sullivan experienced success during the early 1970s with songs including “Alone Again (Naturally)“, “Clair” and “Get Down“.[1] O’Sullivan’s songs are often marked by his distinctive percussive piano playing style and observational lyrics using wordplay.[2][3]

Born in Waterford, Ireland, O’Sullivan settled in Swindon, England, as a child. In 1967, O’Sullivan began his music career. Worldwide, he has charted 16 top 40 records including six No. 1 songs, the first of which was 1970’s “Nothing Rhymed“. Throughout his career, O’Sullivan has recorded 19 studio albums. The music magazine Record Mirror voted him the top UK male singer of 1972.[4] He has received three Ivor Novello Awards, including “Songwriter of the Year” in 1973.[5]




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