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Terry Dimonte and Ted Bird are Montreal radio legends who started a podcast two years ago after Terry was unceremoniously retired from his morning radio job at CHOM-FM. Ted continues his morning show at Evanov’s Lite 106.7 which serves the West Island. The podcast started as a one season affair that is now in its 6th season featuring amazing guests like Brice Hills and Mitch Garber. These names may mean nothing to you but I know you have heard of Just for Laughs and the Seattle Kraken – so these episodes are for you.

The show brings everything amazing that comes with their humour and awesome interviews. In this episode you will hear all about their podcast experience (so far), why it works and why it breaks a number of the conventional podcast rules.

There are a number of episodes with Terry you can scroll back and listen to. We also had an epic session with Ted Bird and one with Geoff Allan who is the voiceover talent on the show. 

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