Hall & Oates Drama: Daryl Sues John, Gets Restraining Order


by Brooke Mallory


November 22, 2023

(L-R) Daryl Hall and John Oates of Hall & Oates perform at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

The well-known musical duo Hall & Oates are now embroiled in a legal dispute.

On November 16th, Daryl Hall, 77, filed a lawsuit against his musical collaborator, John Oates, 75, requesting a restraining order.

During the mid-1970s through the 1980s, the American pop, rock, and R&B group formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and released a number of hit songs, such as “Rich Girl,” “You Make My Dreams (Come True),” and “Maneater.”

In Nashville Chancery Court, Hall filed the lawsuit, which addresses “contract/debt,” according to online court records. Since the case is still sealed, the specifics of the disagreement are currently unknown.

Hall filed a motion for a temporary restraining order in addition to the lawsuit, and on November 17th, it was granted. On Monday, Oates and his trust received a summons.

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