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[DS] Propaganda Outlets Are Being Exposed, What You Are Witnessing Is The Counterinsurgency – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Trudeau Selects MP Arif Virani To Censor The Canadian Internet, by Brad Salzberg

Argentina Elects Libertarian Javier Milei As President

This woman gets it. It’s evil and it’s frightening

“Don’t Be Manipulated, Stand With X” – As Elon Promised, X Files Suit Against Media Matters

Turbo Cancer In Pregnancy – Sarcoma – New Mothers and extremely aggressive Turbo Sarcomas – 14 Tragic Cases – First in the World Article

Judge in court martial fines anti-vax reservist $4,000, issues severe reprimand

Police State (A Dinesh D’Souza Documentary)


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