FCC Issues $6.4 Million In Fines To Pirates Operating In New York Area.


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November 15, 2023

A trio of repeat offenders have been fined a combined $6,412,068 by the Federal Communications Commission for operating unlicensed radio stations in the New York City area. That includes a proposed $2,316,034 fine – the most allowed under federal law – against Johnny Peralta for allegedly operating a pirate radio station known as “La Mia Radio” operating at 105.7 FM in the Bronx since 2018.

Enforcement Bureau attorney Reggie Breshears said during a presentation at the Commission’s monthly meeting that field agents documented Peralta’s station operating six times between September 2018 and August 2019. And as part of a sweep of the New York market for pirates, agents in the past year confirmed the station remains on the air with agents finding weekly programming advertised for the pirate station on its website. Agents found 151 violations of federal law, Breashears said, including 98 in the past year. Breashears said the maximum penalty allowed was warranted, given Peralta’s history of pirate radio operation and receiving prior warnings.

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