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Biden’s Subpoenaed, Tick Tock, 2024 October Surprise Prepped & Warmed, Known & Ready – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Hamas’s Leaders Are Worth Billions, Thanks To Foreign Donors And Taxes On Smuggled Goods

Bill Gates ‘Digital IDS’ Will Be Mandatory To Participate in Society

The first vaccine I didn’t take, by Jon Rappoport

Dr. William Makis. Covid Intel. Canada – Winter is Coming

Ep. 37: Joe Biden’s presidency and the war in Ukraine have outlived their usefulness – Tucker on X

Another Unhinged Leftist Thug Verbally Assaults Young GOP Volunteers in Virginia – “All MAGA Needs to Go to Gitmo” (VIDEO)

I told you it was a death bus

Unhinged Democrat confronts Republican poll greeter



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