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Biden Warns Iran, Red Line, The People Control The House, Change Is Coming – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.
45,000 Canadians Killed By Euthanasia Since Trudeau Was Elected, by Brad Salzberg

Mike Johnson Wins House Speaker Vote

BREAKING Documentary Short: Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva, Switzerland

Prosecutors drop bail violation charge against Freedom Convoy’s Tamara Lich

Dr. Chris Shoemaker and Dr. William Makis discuss COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced turbo cancers & more

30 people received a covid injection and all 30 of them have died in New Zealand within the same time frame

The Trudeaus, by Brian Peckford

19,000 ATMs Have Shut Down Across US as the Govt Prepares to Roll Out CBDC Digital Currency



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