Jaz Johal launched The Jas Johal last week on CKNW – Comment Added!


Jas Johal will host a regular radio show on 980 CKNW starting Monday, Aug. 23, 2021.

long time broadcaster and former Liberal MLA

Jas Johal

Global News

August 3, 2021

A familiar face to Global News viewers is joining Global News Radio 980 CKNW in a new role.
The Jas Johal Show is premiering on Monday, Aug. 23. The new afternoon program airs weekdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
A veteran journalist with over two decades of experience, Johal started his career with 980 CKNW in 1991 before joining BCTV in 1994. In his role as senior reporter, he covered a wide range of stories from the Gustafsen Lake standoff to the 2003 Okanagan forest fires, the APEC summit, as well as federal and provincial elections.
He became the BC Correspondent for Global National in 2005. Johal was later appointed Global News’ Asia Bureau Chief in 2008. Based in Beijing, he travelled extensively in China reporting on the economy, domestic and foreign policy, the environment, social justice, labour and human rights. He was also based in New Delhi, India, where he covered major stories throughout the region.

In 2017, Johal turned to politics and was elected the Liberal MLA for Richmond-Queensborough, but in the snap bc election of 2020, he lost to the NDP candidate..

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  1. FAKE NEWS you are beyond disrespectful. Let the guy rip now. You were nothing but nasty, rude, and name calling with BMCQ so why don’t you take a hike!

  2. Good to see they hired someone with at least some journalistic chops. The current group of fill-ins are so out of their league in big-time talk radio. ‘Boring’ being the operative word as they all struggle to get through their shows—it is painfully obvious. Hopefully, JJ can marry his journalistic background with some ‘personality’ to get it done. And forget these hangers-on or so-called ‘contributors’—nothing scintillating about them or their contributions—so keep them off the air.

  3. Hopefully this will silence some of the CK-NDP boo-birds on here.
    As a former politician, he follows the likes of Rafe Mair, Dave Barrett, and Christy Clark, among others, by making the move into talk.
    Don’t think could go back into straight reporting again given his recent past, but he could certainly bring his perspective to BC politics for sure.
    Certainly good for the business to see someone of his caliber nab a prime spot.
    No disrespect to the likes of Martin Strong or Jody Vance, but just pretending to care about things doesn’t make you a talk show host.

  4. Marcus,
    Through back and forth disagreements and fun banter, I had great respect for BMCQ, you not so much.

    Have you gone to your “safe space”?

  5. Thank the Good Lord Jodi/Eric didn’t get it. The only thing about Johal is he does come across as an angry big-mouth whenever his governmental opinion was asked…buy hey, see my first sentence.

  6. I listened to this guy for one week and there’s nothing special being brought to the table here; another mouthpiece for the Establishment, in a softer tone. They’re all cut from the same cloth so don’t expect balanced opinions here.

  7. I figure I’ll give him a go and see what ground his feet finds. As for the likes of government ass cleaners Baldrey, Zussman, Vance, Gailus and hollow Simi Sara, NW is crap. Strong journalistic abilities huh. Not anywhere close. Or they just lost those abilities somewhere, somehow, at sometime. Anyways so many in media have sold themselves out at one point or another.

  8. Hi

    I find it funny that your Professor you had on today is so poorly informed about the environment. As you know e have an electric power shortage in BC for the last 5 out of 7 years BC has been a net importer of power even with soon to be Site C Dam (note millions of C02 eating trees flooded to make the dam it is estimated the dam will increase the C02 in BC by 300,000,000 to 600, 000,000 tons a year depending on your source of information) No more dams allowed in BC or our salmon runs will die.

    According to Neptune Terminals which exports coal they say it take 100 to 200 tons of coal to make a wind turbine depending on the size. Life 20 years max. Solar 6 to 10 tons to make solar panels for a home life 25 year some a bit more then land fill.

    Tidal power an option same as wind power with bird kills they found in the Bay of Fundy fish kills can be a problem. Thermal is a good source but to cooling the water you can destroy some salmon spawning streams.

    The last Alberta and Sask are looking at Nuclear the problem always has been the waste. France has a major problems with that now is spending billions on areas that put the waste life 2000 years before Neutral.

    Roger Reimer
    604 700 5917

    I have all the facts to back it up not a right wing web site all BC Government Federal goverment and some private web sites.

    NOTE Coal is BC’s number one export 5 to 7 billion a year 15% of our economy


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