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The People See The “Fifth Column”, Narrative Shift, Crosshairs Are Now On Obama – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

‘Britney Spears’ Slave Princess Movie. ‘Britney Spears’ On Conservatorship & ‘Hollywood’ Sex Slaves

Mike Adams Exposes Mad Scientists Geoengineering Our World

Why Trudeau Is Overwhelming Canada With 3rd World Refugees, by Brad Salzberg

Under the Wire: A very special interview with Dr. William Makis, Truth Warrior

Is a Quebecois-China Political Cabal Shaping The Destiny Of Canada?, by Brad Salzberg

Eric Trump/Clay Clark – DJT Is Fighting For The People & Winning, We Are Witnessing The Art Of War

No Holds Barred with Tish Conlin

Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond




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