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Change Of Batter Coming, Planned & Coordinated, It’s All Happening Behind The Scenes

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’.

Argentina’s Trump: Meet Javier Milei, Argentina’s Popular Right-Wing Presidential Candidate – DRAWING CROWDS AND BOLSONARO’S BACKING

Minister of Justice Arif Virani Refuses To Get Tough On Crime, by Brad Salzberg

180 CANADIAN DOCTORS have died suddenly since the rollout of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in Dec.2020 – ANALYSIS of what is killing fully mRNA vaccinated Canadian physicians!

Dr. Paul Marik Recommends Low Carbs, High Fat Diet And More To Control Cancer

Does Planned Parenthood belong in schools?

Karen Kingston Claims She Has Been Poisoned!

Bill Gates SHOCKED By The Power Of The Unvaxxed! The ‘Meaningful Minority’ W/ Dr. Makis

In Canada, Where Euthanasia Is Offered To Depressed 37-Year Olds

Mark Finchem – We Are Facing An Existential Election Threat, Transparency Is The Only Way

Dr. Ana Mihalcea – NEW EVIDENCE – Uninjected Unable to be Mind Controlled?



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