Hollywood strike showcases a local horror story


by Jamila Pomeroy


August 6, 2023

The Hollywood strike has ground Vancouver’s film industry to a halt. PHOTO BY RAQEEB AHMED VIA PEXELS.

Back in the good old days, when you could still rent a movie from Blockbuster, the film industry was honed in on the art of movie-making. It was, at that time, led by the creatives and the studios that breathed life into the industry. With that, the art of filmmaking remained central to every decision. But things are unrecognizably different now.

Aside from the obvious (read: that movie-renting doesn’t happen at video stores anymore), the film industry is now also largely run by tech companies. Though the goal may still be to make films and shows that connect to people in a visceral way, so much of the process has changed.

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  1. This article gives the impression that the strike is a tragedy, rather than a blessing. The Hollywood strike I’d most like to see would be a nuclear strike that would wipe the whole place out. As for the Blockbuster days, even by then most movies were just business deals on film, consisting of explosions and special effects, although there was still the occasional movie made for adults.

  2. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching two despicable groups fighting each other. A pox on both their houses. Pass the popcorn.


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