This Week In History, 1943-2023: Legendary psychedelic DJ Jolly John Tanner looks back at a life on the left of the dial


DJ was a fixture on the Vancouver airwaves and the Planetarium for decades

by John Mackie

Vancouver Sun

August 4, 2023

Legendary psychedelic disc jockey John Tanner turned 80 Friday.











Vancouver radio legend John Tanner turned 80 on Friday.

This may make many fellow travellers from the Psychedelic ’60s feel old. But Tanner looks and acts pretty much like he did in his heyday, albeit with grey hair.

He is still tall (six-foot-seven), still has the most dulcet tones on earth, and is still great friends with Vancouver’s other legendary psychedelic DJ, J.B. Shayne.
He also stays current with the cutting edge of new music. Which is amazing for a guy who was introduced as the “new CFUN Good Guy” at a show featuring Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gerry and Pacemakers, and Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas at the Garden Auditorium on Oct. 25, 1964.
The 1960s was a golden time for music and radio, and “Jolly John Tanner” was right in the middle of it. He worked at CFUN when it ruled AM radio, then moved over to the pioneering progressive station, LG-FM, where his laidback style was a perfect fit.

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