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The [DS] Is Being Tried By The Most Powerful Court In The Country, There Must Be A Reckoning – X22 Report

Easton Spectator

       ‘Connecting the dots’…

Remedy Film Episode 6: Overcoming Fear & Coercion

10 Fluoride Facts That Often Shock People

Dr. Chris Shoemaker reveals startling information about Covid19 vaccines from American Military Studies

Canadian Schools Provide Platform For Anti-White Racism, by Brad Salzberg

Devon Archer Tells Lawmakers Joe Biden is the ‘Big Guy’ – Hunter Always Said, ‘We Need to Talk to My Guy’

Died Suddenly while hiking or climbing – the perils of being COVID-19 vaccinated – 24 hikers who had cardiac arrests or died mysteriously, are examined. July 2023 was particularly deadly for hikers

Trump Calls For McConnell To Step Down From Senate GOP Leadership

Russell Brand Sounds Alarm on CBDCs: ‘They’ll Know Exactly What You’re Doing’

Class action lawsuit over Covid vaccine injuries targets the Australian government: ‘There has been a cover-up’



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