Julie Nolin announces she has breast cancer


Puget Sound Radio was saddened to hear this news from Julie and shall be keeping her in our prayers for a full recovery…

Cancer Causing SV40 Found In Covid Bioweapon: Turbo Cancers Skyrocket In Young People

Where did the Flu Go?

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  1. Of course she was. Likely multiple times. The same people saying you can’t ask are the same ones that supported some kid at a restaurant asking. The majority of Canadians either passed or felt pressured to comply. That majority needs to demand accountability from the government because if we don’t they will do it again.

  2. You know what’s over the top dude? Being locked down like prisoners for absolutely no reason. You know what’s over the top? Vaccine passports. You know what’s over the top? Forcing people to choose between eating and taking shots they didn’t want. You know what’s over the top? People being trapped in the country like North Koreans.

    Here’s the experimental gene therapy policy for all of the broadcasters including Bell. Yeah she got the shots and maybe they caused her cancer.

    • “trapped in the country like North Koreans”? Really? Let me think back….I could still go to the store and buy as much food as I wanted. I could still watch what I wanted on TV. I could still get in my car and go for a drive. Go for a walk. Publicly protest against the Government without fear of disappearing. ETC, ETC. I think that was a very myopic statement. Time to get past it and move on. Same for you Fake Nudz. Not every illness a person now experiences is due to getting the jab.

  3. -OF COURSE SHE WAS you said. So that means you know her and have discussed it with her. You never made that clear originally.

    -And now you say MAYBE she took the shots. That’s not what you originally said.

  4. Did Global force their employees to get the jabs or lose their jobs?
    A yes or no answer with proof would be good.

  5. Listen T Tree your man Trudeau prevented unvax’d people from getting onto a plane, a train or boat in Canada. The US border was closed to the unvax’d and they were trapped in the country like North Koreans. It was Trudeau’s big campaign promise to punish the unvax’d for not obeying his orders. The vaccine passports were right out of Nazi Germany and a total disgrace especially since the wonder juice doesn’t stop transmission although the government lied and said that it did. Next time T Tree you want to segregate people just pin a star on them and save yourself the inconvenience of showing your papers like a good little sheep. Move on? Not on your life pal. in fact the majority are so fed up with the fascists that supported the government narrative they want accountability and they won’t shut up until they get it. Publicly protest?
    Ask the truckers and their supporters about that. The Emergencies Act was totally abused by Trudeau and people like you supported it wholeheartedly. Just like British Columbians supported interning the Japanese for no reason.

  6. T Tree and Cephas we all got screwed by the government. The unvax’d were demonized and the rest were scared out of their minds by relentless propaganda. People don’t make good decisions when they are frightened and it was all for absolutely no scientific reason. The government knew the virus was a nothingburger from the very beginning. Don’t believe me? Go spend some time on the BC Centre for Disease Control web site. You’ll learn that less than 500 people died from covid in 2020. The official number is 894 but Henry has admitted that less than half of those were strictly from covid. This is in a Province of 5.1 million people where 38,000 people die every year. A total of approximately 6,000 people died with covid to date and the majority of them died after pretty much everyone got vaccinated. How can that be? The same website will show you that LESS PEOPLE DIED in 2020 than were expected! Pandemic? What pandemic? Plenty of excess deaths in 2021 and 2022 though. I wonder what caused that? We were told the virus was at its deadliest in 2020 so how come most of the deaths from covid weren’t in 2020? Regardless of your politics or whether you got the shots are not we all got taken for a ride by the politicians. Why?

  7. It goes without saying that I hope Nolin recovers from her cancer. Maybe she was leery of getting the shots but was coerced just liked millions of other people. The government and the media were in cahoots in the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. If they aren’t held accountable they will do it again.

  8. A Citizen, I still don’t see how we got screwed. The Gov did what it had to do, like the rest of the world at the time, to deal with a pandemic. Lied too? They lie about everything, why was this different? I don’t know about you, but my life is back to normal. Isn’t yours? Not like the people in North Korea, right?
    I don’t agree with you on this being the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on Humanity. I’m torn between man landing on the moon, the Sandy Hook mass shooting (thanks Alex Jones), or religion et al. I’m leaning toward religion (made up by men to control people).
    I do agree that we should wish Julie all the best for a full, speedy recovery.

  9. T Tree,
    Sounds like you’re pro-vaxx, pro-SOGI123, pro-Trudeau, pro-trans, pro-Bill 36, pro-big pharma.
    You sound vaccinated and boosted.
    Hurry back to your TV, the News is on!

  10. Hey there T Tree what about all the people killed or injured by the shots? Life back to normal for them? How about the people that lost their businesses or their jobs? Life back to normal for them? T Tree is part of the laptop class that thrived during the lockdown and is likely a government minion.

  11. Yes. I got 2 shots many months after most. They’ll have to kill me before getting even a third. Was Covid a thing? Yes. I had it once, severe throat for 3 days. Is the government, Fauci and others trying to light everyone’s hair on fire? Absolutely.

  12. T Tree…credibility gone. I’m a Christian. Sorry, but a fool says there is no God. My usual comeback to those like you is how crazy it is for one to look at creation and figure it’s all from some random explosion long ago.

  13. Hey folks, this is a story about Julie Nolan and cancer….NOTHING ELSE….take your beefs and complaints elsewhere, or just Shut Up!

  14. Nice to see a thread about a middle-aged woman getting cancer – which, by the way, has been an occurrence for centuries and has affected literally millions and millions of women (and men) – now leads to rambling, incoherent conversations about how a covid vaccine must have caused this cancer

  15. I kinda enjoy the random incoherence of all the arguments, especially when posters think they’ve given a mortal wound by declaring “_____ must have gotten the vaccine”, like it’s getting the mark of the beast. Look it up, all you crazy old christians.


  16. But, but, but Fake…

    Cephas mentioned he was a Christian in the comment that is two above mine.

    So you can blame Cephas for bringing christianity into a conversation about cancer..and covid..and vaccines

  17. Okay, one more. Any of you Christian hating/liberal/Democrat-loving, Trump-hating individuals who mock my faith…try to have a nice day in your miserable disposition.

  18. Not sure what’s going on here based on all these comments. A woman was diagnosed with cancer and instead of showing compassion for her, I see a bunch of nonsense. Very sad that empathy has gone out the window. All the best to Julie Nolan and her family during this tough time.

  19. Bobby E,
    People on here have been sending best wishes to Julie for a speedy and full recovery.

    What is the “bunch of nonsense” you’re referring to?


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